Étienne Gruyez

Étienne Gruyez

"For three years, Stölzle Glass Group has put all the necessary resources to achieve its ambitions for the future and will continue to invest," explains Étienne Gruyez, who is steering the rebirth of this site for Stölzle Glass Group, which will celebrate in 2018 its 200 years of glass production.

High-level goals

Since 2013, when the Stölzle Glass Group acquired the Verreries de Masnières from Bormioli Rocco and after the adoption of drastic measures between 2013 and 2015, the Austrian group invested more than 14 million euros in state-of-the-art production and decoration tools with ambitious goals in terms of quality, reliability and flexibility. "We have met this challenge," states Étienne Gruyez. "While the site was suffering from a poor image, including among the staff, we have successfully restored trust with both our current 340 employees and our customers. Now, we can provide our customers with an unprecedented flexibility and with the restored reliability of our industrial equipment."

Actually, the company has undergone a full transformation. Stölzle Masnières Parfumerie now has its own mould workshop, equipped with brand new state-of-the-art equipment. With this new workshop, the company aims to be able to manufacture in-house the totality of its moulds in order to gain even more flexibility and speed with a reduced delay for the production of the samples. In 2016, a new combustion furnace was put into service and can now transform 75 tons of glass per day to produce 40 to 140 bottles per minute. In order to improve the company’s agility, the production team has been working intensively to be able to process different sizes simultaneously when they are compatible. A technical performance that involves two different quality controls simultaneously.

A huge training program has also been carried out so that all employees can achieve several tasks. Once again, the goal is to increase the site’s agility.

These investments have been fruitful since Stölzle Masnières Parfumerie has already achieved very good performance indicators with, for instance, an on-time and in-full (OTIF) delivery rate of 100% for new launches and of 98% for reassortments and a rate of customer complaints of less than 1%.

But Stölzle’s ambitions do not end there! New developments are planned for the coming years, including the reconstruction of a new furnace by 2020 and the destruction of the oldest in 2018. The glass plant will therefore be equipped with 4 to 5 additional production lines, which will enable the recruitment and training of 150 to 200 new employees.

Innovative decorations

The decoration was not forgotten in the transformation of the company. Located just a few hundred meters from the glass factory, Stölzle Masnières Décroration, the decoration arm of the group’s Perfumery and Cosmetics Business Unit, has also been the subject of major investments.

Lacquering, silk-screening and hot stamping: the site offers most production techniques with a very wide range of colours. "We can also work with materials such as enamels, semi-precious metals and even precious metals such as gold or platinum," says Étienne Gruyez. "Here in Masnières, we most particularly focus on small quantities for high-end orders, but in permanent connection with our Polish site we can also realize decors for large quantities."

In Masnières too, the group strives to create innovative decorations that are beginning to make its reputation. "Our inkjet and lacquering specialist works on 3D wood, concrete, soft touch effects... as well as on lenticular effects."

Nicolas Carron

Nicolas Carron

Stoëlzle Masnières announces for Christmas 2017 a new fragrance launch using one of its innovative inkjet techniques.

New Sales Manager

To support its commercial development and its customers projects, Stölzle Masnières Parfumerie has appointed ex-Technicaps Nicolas Carron as its new Sales Director for Perfumery and Cosmetics.

"Nicolas has the perfect profile to meet the goals we have set ourselves. We want to continue to play a major role in the high-perfumery-cosmetics market,” says Étienne Gruyez. "With Franck Legrand, now responsible for innovation, and Nicolas Carron, our new sales manager, our aim is to double our production capacity," concludes the General Manager.