Somater, a French-based expert in the manufacture of primary polymer packaging for the cosmetics industry, has seized the opportunity of the latest Paris Packaging Week show (January 25-26, 2023) to debut a refillable mascara with their patented "Click Turn and Apply” (CTA) technology as well as an antimicrobial brush.

Already displayed at the MakeUp in Los Angeles 2022 trade show, the “Click Turn and Apply” technology offers the benefit of a new high-quality opening movement.

To create the first antimicrobial refillable mascara, Somater combined this technology with the know-how of Pylote, a major player in industrial mineral chemistry, and SIMP, experts in the development and manufacturing of innovative plastic mascara brushes.

Assembled by Somater, this innovative mascara incorporates a bio-sourced plastic brush developed by SIMP and Pylote’s unique metal-free, nanoparticle-free anti- microbial mineral technology in the stem and the brush.

"The implementation of an immediate, stable and permanent microbial de-contamination technology was a major requirement for the launch of a refillable solution intended for the sensitive area around the eye," Jérôme de Prémare, Head of Corporate Business Development at Somater, told Premium Beauty News.

Proven antimicrobial action

The stem and the brush were successfully tested in the independent laboratory Fonderephar. After 24 hours of activation by the Pylote technology, the results showed a 4-log reduction in the number of Escherichia coli CIP 53.126 bacteria on the stem and a 5-log reduction on the brush, which cor- responds to a disappearance of almost 99.99% of bacteria on the surface of the stem and 99.9999% on that of the brush.

By activating surfaces to make them "self-decontaminating", Pylote’s antimicrobial technology has already been proven effective against many microorganisms:

 Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (>99.999% in 24h) and resistant bacteria.
 Enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (SARS CoV-2 and its Delta variant >96% in 1h, H1- N1 influenza, gastroenteritis, herpes and conjunctivitis) as well as in real-life situations with a high frequency of contact.

Furthermore, no modification of the existing manufacturing and filling processes of the packaging is required. The incorporation of Pylote’s antimicrobial technology is done at the level of the resin.

Reduced environmental footprint

Beyond its advantages in terms of hygiene and safety of use, this new mascara also helps to reduce plastic waste by approximately 30% from the second use compared to non-refillable solutions. Fully recyclable, according to Somater, it can also be produced in recycled material (up to 100%, according to the brands’ demand).

This Activated Mascara can be decorated and customized at will, and is also available with a traditional opening system.

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