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Safety of perfumes and cosmetics. Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia

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The handbook Safety of perfumes and cosmetics. Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. Translation in English and comments of the technical regulation CU TR 009/2011 of the Customs Union is intended for entrepreneurs, export / regulatory / quality managers and other industry professionals interested the cosmetic market of the Customs Union between Russia and its two neighbouring countries.

The evaluation of the compliance of cosmetic products can be carried out either by the manufacturer or by the importer. The procedure for assessing the compliance of cosmetic products leads to the Declaration of Conformity with the requirements of TR TC 009/2011. In addition, the products listed in Annex No. 12 of TR TC 009/2011 are subject to state registration. The Certificate of Registration and Declaration of Compliance is required at the time of entry of goods into the Custom Union’s territory. The applicant (Manufacturer / Importer) is liable for the information provided in the “cosmetic” file. All cosmetic products assessed against the requirements of TR TC 009/2011 and benefiting from the Declaration of Conformity must be marked, on their labelling or packaging, with the EAC logo attesting they can be placed on the market of the Member States of the Customs Union.


  • The aim of this commented translation is to provide the opportunity to read the TR TC 009/2011 in ENGLISH, but this translation does not bear any official status, only the Russian version is legally binding.
  • The 50 comments made by the experts of CCIS-EXPERTISE provide specialists operating under the European regulatory system with additional important information about this text.


DATE: June 2014
PRICE: 200 euros

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: CCIS-EXPERTISE is an international audit and consultancy firm, whose activity focuses on three main expertise areas: procedures for placing products on the market, regulatory monitoring and industry support for the industrial implementation in Russia, the CIS countries and most recently the EurAsEC (Eurasian Economic Community) and the Customs Union.

CCIS-EXPERTISE has been contributing for many years in voluntary regulation processes in these countries, through the permanent aim to take into account the interests of all market players eager to act in accordance with local regulations. In this perspective, values such as impartiality, search for accuracy and innovation are part of CCIS-EXPERTISE’s core values.

The wide experience of CCIS-EXPERTISE’s specialists regarding cosmetics compliance enabled them to contribute to the drafting of this document presenting their views and comments on the main regulatory text regarding cosmetics marketed in the Customs Union.

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