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Regulations on the registration of cosmetic products in China

Price : 200.00 € excl. tax
(240.00 euros where VAT is applicable)

SEYCO (Sino-European Yihong Consulting Ltd.) and provide you with an entirely bilingual (English-Chinese) collection of the cosmetic products regulations in China.


This compilation is offered into two parts:

  • the first part (241 pages) features the texts currently applicable to the registration of cosmetics in China and most of those under discussion,
  • the second part (564 pages) features the relevant annexes on ingredients.

Among the texts included in the compilation are:

  • Notice on Implementation of Correction Procedure of Cosmetic Administrative Licence for Hygiene Permit/On-record Certificate
  • Notice on Issuing the Regulations on Application and Acceptance of Registration for the Cosmetics Administrative License
  • Notice on Relevant Issues regarding implementing the “Provisions on Naming Cosmetics” and “Naming Guidance for Cosmetics”
  • Notice on Issuing the “Measures for Testing and Management of Cosmetic Administrative License”
  • Notice on Relevant Requirements about Sampling for Cosmetic Administrative Licence
  • Notice on Relevant Problems about Declaration of Fragrance Ingredients in Cosmetic Formulas
  • Notice about Issuing Guidance on Risk Assessment over Substances with Potential Safety Risk in Cosmetic Products
  • Notice on Issuance of the “Key Points for Cosmetic Technical Evaluation” and the “Guidance on Cosmetic Technical Evaluation”
  • Notice on Issuing the Catalog of Normative Chinese Names for International Cosmetic Ingredients (2010 Edition)
  • Notice on Relevant Issues regarding implementing the “Standard for Technical Requirements on Cosmetics”
  • etc.

The second part (annexes) features the following documents :

  • Catalog of Normative Chinese Names for International Cosmetic Ingredients (2010 Edition)
  • List of Cosmetic Ingredients In-use (The First Batch) (Draft for Comments)
  • List of Cosmetic Ingredients In-use (The Second Batch) (Draft for Comment)
  • List of Cosmetic Ingredients In-use (The Third Batch) (Draft for Comment)

You can order the different parts separately:


PAGES: first part (regulations), 241 pages (1 file); second part (annexes), 564 pages (4 files)
DATE: September 2013
PRICE: 200 euros (VAT excluded) or 240 euros (where VAT is applicable)

À PROPOS DE L’AUTEUR : SEYCO (Sino-European Yihong Consulting, Ltd.) is a consulting agency headquartered in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, and headed by Mrs Françoise Yidan Li.

SEYCO specialises in the registration of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and diet food products in China.

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