Switzerland headquartered supplier of cosmetics ingredients Rahn AG is launching Fossil Peeling Powder, a new 100 % natural mechanical exfoliant for peeling products. The new ingredient is based on fossilised shells of diatoms that created sediment on the sea floor millions of years ago.

Fossil Peeling Powder is a medium granulometry powder and is free from preservatives. According to Rahn, it is suitable for a wide range of cosmetic applications, from exfoliation of delicate facial skin to exfoliation of the hands and even of the roughest areas, such as feet or knees. The exfoliating action will be more or less powerful depending on the concentration.

Fossil Peeling Powder thus helps to remove superficial dead skin cells, stimulate cell renewal, rejuvenate new skin cells underneath, eliminate impurities, improve skin texture and smoothness as well as to restore the skin’s natural radiance and complexion,” claims the company.

Thanks to these peeling properties, Fossil Peeling Powder appears as a mineral alternative to synthetic peeling particles, in particular those made from polyethylene that has come under fire worldwide due to alleged pollution of ocean waters.