Marie-Christine Clerc, Sales and Marketing Director, BCM

Marie-Christine Clerc, Sales and Marketing Director, BCM

Two is better than one! BCM relies on its French and German-based branches to meet the needs of the makeup industry. If the French entity is more specialized in coloured emulsions (foundation, eyeliners, mascaras, etc.), the German entity is more of a powder and lip product expert, although it can produce all categories of makeup, except for pencils, and it is even equipped for nail varnish filling. The third entity is based in the UK, and is specialized in skincare.

Ultra-sensory powder technologies

Amongst the innovations showcased at the last edition of the MakeUp in Paris trade show held at the Carrousel du Louvre last June 12 and 13, 2014, the Boots group’s subsidiary specialized in cosmetics subcontracting highlighted its latest powder innovations.

The Germany-based BCM plant recently invested in new powder technologies, such as the multidimensional 3D technology, and thus expanded the product range to extremely varied and sophisticated renderings and designs (flat effects combined with 3D rounded, satin and pearly effects on the surface and in mass). “This technology provides an excellent payoff. It’s the next generation of powders,” emphasizes Marie-Christine Clerc, Sales and Marketing Director of the French BCM entity.

In addition, BCM showcased two Cream to Powder emulsions, a blush [blush poupoupidou] and a foundation [effect & matte foundation SPF15] with extremely thin textures that provide a high coverage, and melt on the skin for a light, “second skin effect” makeup. But above all, the company launched a novel Powder to Cream formula: when applied, this free powder transforms itself into a real melting cream with a playful metamorphosis effect and surprising sensations, like a cooling aqua effect. It is available as a blush [powder to cream blusher], a foundation [powder to cream foundation], or even an eyeshadow [powder to cream eyeshadow].

Ultra-fluid emulsions

As for emulsions, BCM’s French entity has followed the “cushion” trend that is booming in Asia, and especially Korea, by developing ultra-fluid textures to be applied with a double sponge. The principle is simple: an “inker” sponge receives the product, and an “applicator” sponge takes the dose required for the application. Even the most fluid formulas remain easy to apply and use, including when retouching during the day.

BCM showcased two formulas to combine care and pleasure, protection and colour, light and efficacy, a regular application and convenience, and thus meet the specific needs of European consumers:

- [Mist Cushion SPF 15], a foundation that is as fluid as ink, which makes its coverage adjustable,
- [Primer mist cushion SPF 30], a primer endowed with a high sun protection factor, a makeup/skincare/sun care hybrid with a steady blur effect that captures the sunlight while protecting from its rays.

BCM has always adopted a skincare approach in makeup. The fact that we develop products destined to be marketed through the pharmacy network for Boots undoubtedly guided our approach to makeup,” Marie-Christine Clerc explains.

Multi-purpose sticks

A new wave has also been sweeping the stick segment for a few seasons, and BCM is definitely riding it, for instance with [hip hop hair stick], a coloured stick destined for hair, with short-lived but very playful effects, and other sticks for a fresh effect on the complexion: [cooling blush] and [cooling highlighter] are formulated with a very high water percentage, so that the colour is applied without any “material effect” that would mark wrinkles and fine lines.