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MakeUp in New York 2015 unveils a series of hot innovations

Recording a strong increase of the number of visitors, in particular from the USA, the MakeUp in New York tradeshow confirmed its position as the leading event dedicated to the makeup industry. Contouring, anti-bacterial brushes and nail products for men: the event also unveiled hot beauty innovations.

The  “Innovation Tree” at MakeUp in New York 2015

The “Innovation Tree” at MakeUp in New York 2015

The 2015 edition of MakeUp in New York, the event dedicated to the suppliers of makeup brands, which was held on 9-10 September at the Penn Plaza Pavilion, was once again very busy, with about 2,500 visitors (a 15 per cent increase compared to 2014).

The 110 exhibitors to MakeUp in New York, were able to see for themselves that once again this show was a much awaited event by top brands in the US make-up industry, an event that has never stopped carving a name for itself in the world of global business events dedicated to the beauty industry,” commented the organisers.

A cutting edge selection

This year, the new accessories, packaging solutions and formulations presented by the exhibitors have been evaluated and selected before being showcased in a dedicated area, the salon’s “Innovation Tree”.

Highlights this season include Sephora’s new “Double Down Brush Set” by HCT, a patented 2-in-1 brush that can be converted into a double-ended tool by removing the larger head and attaching it to the handle of the smaller brush. This feature protects the smaller brush head from damage and debris, keeping it clean and safe for contact with the eyes.

Preventing bacterial contamination is also the aim of the “Tip and Blend Brush Collection” by Pennellifaro, a brush featuring a rounded shape with a central tip in relief, on to which a small amount of liquid or cream foundation can be poured directly. Not having to put product on the back of your hand first guards against waste and contamination.

Hygiene was also in the focus of US-headquartered supplier of makeup brushes Anisa International. The company showcased a range of cleansing products entirely dedicated to the cleaning of makeup brushes and applicators. According to Anisa, “61 per cent of women clean their makeup brushes less than once a month or not at all, in particular because they take too long to dry.Anisa also explains that uncleaned or improperly cleaned brushes can significantly impact product performance. The product solutions showcased by Anisa thus allow a deep clean or a quick refresh of makeup tools with a few seconds.

Precision and long-lasting

As far as formulation are concerned, the “Eyebrow Gel Volume” by ABC Texture brings brows into the spotlight with a fibre-enriched, 30° angled brush that claims to facilitate precision, accuracy, evenness and easier application.

As for the new gel-to-pencil eyeliner “Liquid Like Gel Sensation EL” by Alkos Group, it combines the precision of a liquid liner with the application and the result of a pencil. The fast-drying formula is waterproof, long-lasting and can be used on the outside and the inside of the eye.

Contouring remains big business in the business, so the “Art of Contouring” tool by Faber Castell will no doubt prove popular. Described as “a natural face lift in 3 steps”, the product reshapes and sculpts the features, with a highlighting element adding radiance and the blush aspect resulting in a youthful flush.

Male grooming

And innovation isn’t just for women. In line with the growth of the male grooming sector, there is plenty of development when it comes to guys’ beauty products, as demonstrated by the new “BB Cream for Man” by ICC. The men’s nail product has been formulated to reactivate the nail barrier and protect them from breakage and flaking due to the dehydration caused by exposure to solvents and surfactant. The special base is lightly coloured but not glossy, giving nails a “healthy and natural look.”

Vincent Gallon avec AFP/Relaxnews


  • “Eyebrow Gel Volume” by ABC Texture
  • Sephora's new “Double Down Brush Set” by HCT
  • “Tip and Blend Brush Collection” by Pennellifaro
  • “Art of Contouring” tool by Faber Castell
  • “BB Cream for Man” by ICC
  • “BB Cream for Man” and “Liquid Metal Color” by ICC
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