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Make-up: Sleever is gaining momentum!

The owner of more than 500 patents and exclusive formulas, and known as the creator and innovative leader of the Sleeve technology, Sleever International offers an increasing palette of decorative and finishing solutions for luxury and masstige brands in the perfume, cosmetic and make-up sector. After 5 years of work and more than 4 million euros invested in R&D, Sleever International has elaborated a marketing based on the product offer, by developing an innovative and highly-specialized market application for the make-up sector, “SleeverMakeup®”. A niche, which has become a sector of its own for Sleever International who has just created a position of Business Development Manager dedicated to this strategic Make-up activity. Explanations by Eric Fresnel, CEO.

Eric Fresnel, Sleever International

Eric Fresnel, Sleever International

Premium Beauty News - What have been the changes since its launch in 2010?

Eric Fresnel - After a first year focused on pencils, a second on polishes and then lipsticks, and presently mascaras, Sleever International, the leader of the sleeve concept, offers comprehensive solutions in terms of, protection at the source of the make-up product, of traceability (QR Code, C133-type Datamatrix, laser number marking, transfer coding), of design and brand customization: an exact reproduction of the lipstick shade, a palette of special effects, the use of bright, pearlescent or iridescent technical polishes, a sharpness of printed details, the ability to produce miniseries for consumer testing. To achieve this, Sleever International has developed a new film, the C-PET-KG-050 with improved cosmetic properties (facilitated tearability, low temperature, dressing of complex shapes) and through its design ability (printability, transparency, brightness).

Premium Beauty News - Industrialization is an additional constraint to cope with, for the development of the SleeverMakeup® range!

Eric Fresnel - We have developed a new device with an advanced technology, the “SleeverLogicpak® LPK 80” machine, which complements the range of SleeverLogicpak equipment and which is perfectly suited for the sleeve positioning and horizontal shrinkage of small packagings (pencils, lipsticks, mascaras, creams nail polishes...). The SleeverLogicpak machine stands as a new standard for the make-up industry with an optimized footprint: 2 sqm, i.e., reduced by half compared to standard market equipment, format changeovers bellow 10 minutes, , an ideal, very compact, very flexible machine for end of lines with a output of 60 to 80 items per minute.

Premium Beauty News - Today you are going even further by creating a position of “Business Development Manager dedicated to make-up”!
Eric Fresnel - In 2014 Sleever International presented SleeverMakeup® Mascara Skinsleever, a product intended to awaken all your senses, which projects you in the 3D world with the “Skinsleever®”.

The Skinsleever offers a new sensory dimension to the make-up sector, with a design surface enabling the development of material-like relief effects: skin, wood, metal, stone, fabric. All these effects offer both a new sensory dimension and the feel, and impart a 3D effect to your products. Its shape helps single out, special effects are attractive, its variety of surface finishes is pleasing to the touch and allows you to create a trendy brand image. To get such a result you must pay a constant attention to markets needs. You must also adapt to each market and each region.

With SleeverMakeup these new services paired to technology allow us to meet the expectations of the make-up market, our two printing technologies, Helioflex and Flexodigital allow us to have the desired reactivity to meet deadlines, to have the required flexibility with regards to the breadth of the product ranges, from multi-references to exclusive collector series. To maintain this level of innovation and service, we set up a global network of specialists by market and created a position of Make-up Business Development Manager to strengthen a team fully dedicated to this sector, which posts, each year, at Sleever International, double-digit growth rate figures. We are strictly and totally committed to a Marketing focused on the product offer with a “Market” dedicated “Make-up/Product” relationship.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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