Promens Personal & Healthcare recently launched the first edition of “Les Collections”, a catalogue presenting the company’s global offer of standard plastic packaging. The catalogue features more than 1,000 bottles, jars, airless ranges, systems and closures, from classic collection to complex packaging (including protective packaging for fragile formulae).

Artistic Expression

Promens invited the young Swiss artist Natacha Veen to share her artistic universe by illustrating for this catalogue. “Her illustrations showcase finesse and preciseness in millions of expressions and a continuous attention to minute details. Her artistic approach embodies Promens values: importance to detail inspires Promens teams to meet and exceed client expectations. The premium layout with refined and elegant style enhances product appeal and offers true reading comfort,” the company says.

Imagination & Inspirations

Far from the dull appearance of some suppliers catalogues, the attractive ambiance of artistic pictures reveals cosmetic packaging in its real universe of use.

Furthermore, to introduce value-added packaging, Promens created pages dedicated to product features and benefits for final user. Twelve product ranges mixing bottles and jars are proposed as “inspirations” to create brand collections like sun care, facial care, hair care, male grooming, body care, healthcare collections, etc.

The landscape lay-out provides a global range overview over 2 pages.

Online version

The catalogue is split in seven categories: airless, bottles, roll-ons, Cosmetic jars, jars, Pill jars and closures. At the end of the catalogue, products are listed by capacity.

“Les Collections” can be viewed online:

Keeping in sync with the growing smartphone and tablets users, Promens focuses on offering the possibility to access to the online collection by scanning the QR code here below:

While Promens is presenting in this new catalogue the largest European standard range, the company can also develop a tailor made solution to best suit to customers bespoke requirement.