Cary Robinson, President & CEO, Keystone

Cary Robinson, President & CEO, Keystone

Polychromatic, the nail polish division of the Keystone Industries portfolio of companies, and one of the founders of the gel polish technology, announced they have acquired French company Centre 7 (C7).

Centre 7 has a distinguished reputation in the masstige and luxury cosmetic market,” highlights Keystone. When complete, this acquisition will signify pivotal expansion into the global beauty arena for Keystone Industries.

We’re expecting the acquisition of Centre 7 to strengthen the opportunities in the beauty industry not only in the United States market, but also throughout Europe,” said Cary Robinson, President of Keystone. "It’s a well-respected company that manufactures products of distinction."

30 million bottles annually

Centre 7, located near Paris, in the Cosmetic Valley, has been in business for more than 20 years in the beauty and personal care industry. Centre 7 specializes in the filling and packaging of nail polish and other luxury cosmetic products. “The dedicated team at Centre 7 is known for their high levels of quality control and customer service, vital characteristics which are the building blocks of Polychromatic’s overall mission,” says Keystone.

With anticipated capacity of filling close to 30 million bottles annually, Keystone intends to grow Centre 7 as an ideal vendor for both bulk and packaged cosmetics. There are immediate plans to expand the facility for the full-scale production of nail polish.

Closer proximity

The acquisition will also give Polychromatic the “Made in France” quality advantage, and a closer proximity to larger French and European customers. According to Keystone, the Centre 7 plant has been audited by major cosmetic brands, and is rated to use flammable products, something that is difficult to obtain in Europe.

The integration of Centre 7 allows Keystone’s existing entities — Keystone Research & Pharmaceutical and Polychromatic – to leverage on a platform to showcase its R&D, technologies and services.