Just a few months after the launch by Carestia Arcade Beauty of the scented stickers, major brands such as Givenchy are already adopting the concept.

This winter, Givenchy launched Live Irresistible Blossom Crush, a new variation of its best-seller fragrance created in 2015. The launch campaign features a modern, joyful, rebellious and irresistible young Parisian woman in a carnival environment.

Perfume patterns

On this playful score, the brand chose the scented stickers created by Carestia Arcade Beauty.

Scarlet flowers, cotton candy, big hearts, Ferris Wheel… the patterns of the campaign are printed in offset on a 300g. card, to spray on the points of sale.

Discovery trail

Each card includes nine patterns to stick on a computer, a mirror, your diary, your phone or even the dashboard of your car. Carestia has imagined this concept to allow the brands to fully express their creative universe and offer consumers a fun and long-lasting olfactory discovery.