The awards ceremony of the Prix de Parfum Artistique 2013 was held in Berlin on Saturday 8th June 2013 on the occasion of the Global Art of Perfumery event.

An independent jury evaluated 33 participating fragrances and the winner of this second edition was Eutopie no4, created by French perfumer Elodie Pollet.

Lumière Blanche, by Olfactive Studio, ranked second, and In the Garden of Good & Evil, by By Kilian, ranked third.

The Prix de Parfum Artistique honours outstanding new creations amongst the niche perfume brands marketed in Germany.

Eutopie perfumes are inspired by Elodie Pollet’s travels and journeys around the world. Eutopie no4, the 4th creation of the collection, takes us to the Mediterranean shore and its green scenery and sensual atmosphere. It highlights the beautiful ingredients of the region such as the ciste, the bergamote, combined with a warm touch of patchouli, incense and vanilla.