For many years Cosfibel Premium has created promotional offers, coffrets and gifts for Paco Rabanne (Puig group), always with an eye to the brand’s strategy of point-of-sale animations.

A coffret for Invictus

The 2014 Father’s Day coffret of Invictus reflects resemble with a sports locker. Made of a base and a lid, the brut varnished metal packaging is a perfect copy of a locker found in a typical locker room down to the aeration slats above and below made by embossing the material and its spring lock closure system. Contents: EdT & ancillary product.

For the gift offer, Cosfibel Premium created a key ring made of a whistle, laser engraved bottle-trophy and a resin patch inscribed with the brand’s name. This is enclosed in a gunmetal hot-stamped decorated case.

Small accessories collection for Lady Million

Intimately linked to the designer’s DNA, this collection in mesh metal will speak to all lovers of the brand. The extra-flat line is comprised of an evening bag, case and coin purse that make no concessions when it comes to finishing: cotton-lined, metal gilded zipper and puller, with the logo engraved on both sides.