Italy-based supplier of turn-key colour cosmetic formulations Chromavis has acquired the remaining 44% of Durlin East Europe, through its subsidiary Durlin France, which it already owned a 56% stake, and consequently fully control the company.

Actually, this acquisition completes the buy out of Durlin France last year. Headquartered in Ciechanòw, Poland, Durlin East Europe serves major actors of the cosmetics industry.

With this acquisition, the Chromavis group, consolidates its presence in the Eastern European market, in particular in the nail polish sector.

The ChromaDurlin division, which was formed in the wake of Durlin acquisition, boasted a 22.3 million euros turnover in 2010, a rise of +35% compared to 2009 consolidated sales. In 2010, the whole Chromavis group recorded 90 million euros in sales. In 2011, Chromavis foresees a turnover over 105 million euros.