For their CBD roll-on gel, which is intended to help soothe and relax everyday tensions, as well as relaxing muscles, Boiron has chosen the Cosmogen’s Squeeze’n Roll tube. With its massaging stainless steel and removable roller, Squeeze’n Roll makes it easy to self-massage hard-to-reach areas.

Squeeze’n Roll belongs to the Squeeze’n range by Cosmogen that is characterized by its applicator with patented on/off rotary closure, allowing to dispense (ON) then apply the formula and wash the applicator (OFF).

The range is available in micro, mini, normal and maxi formats. It has been designed with separable elements for sorting and recycling, including the reusable applicator on a new tube. It can be made from recycled plastic.

Earlier this year, Cosmogen, which already has several customers in the pharma care sector, unveiled a line of patented packaging dedicated to OTC (Over the Counter) products.