The rise in online shopping since the first Covid lockdown has pushed many beauty brands to reinvent, and to multiply services available quickly and remotely. This has been seen, from back in 2020, with the rise in virtual makeup testing services and the emergence of virtual sales advisor, both enhanced by artificial intelligence, on a mission to improve the shopping experience online... and in store. Because brands have understood that, while digital technology is obviously essential online, it now appears to be becoming essential in store for a more seamless, and above all personalized experience.

Simultaneously, innovations in beauty tech are now landing thick and fast, offering consumers customized experiences accessible in just a few clicks. While these innovations were initially focused on the female beauty market, they are now extending to men’s beauty.

Skin diagnostics for men

It’s a men’s skincare label, Bulldog, that is now innovating in the field of personalization. In the UK, the brand has just unveiled its Skin Advisor, an artificial intelligence-based tool that allows men to get bespoke skincare recommendations.

Accessible on the brand’s website, this new tool is easy to use. All you have to do is register online and answer a series of questions about your needs, your skin type, and add a location to take environmental factors into account. Last but not least, a selfie allows the user to perform a complete skin diagnosis remotely. Once all the parameters have been taken into account, users not only get information about their skin, but also a customized skincare routine. This technology is not new, but for the first time, it stands out for its focus on addressing men’s needs, while reflecting the growing interest in skincare for men.

For its part, Philips is continuing the global roll-out of GroomTribe, an application for beard care, which allows users to test different styles and obtain shaving advice. A Brazilian version of the app is now available.

Finally, Biotherm announces the upcoming launch of a version adapted to men of their virtual skin diagnostic tool Skin Diag.

According to a report by Persistence Market Research, demand for men’s skincare products grew by 5.7% between 2017 and 2022 worldwide, and is expected to continue to rise by 2033, with an annual growth rate of approximately 7.5%.