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The Beautyfull Club is born!

An original initiative was just born: a global association gathering all the operators of the beauty and health sector and aiming to become a place where ideas are shared and discussed for the common progress of individuals and companies.

Executives of the biggest companies in the world that produce fragrances, cosmetic ingredients and packaging, but also designers, perfume creators, and the main cosmetic brands and their distributors are invited to join. According to its founders [1] , « being a member of the Beautyfull Club, firstly means sharing common ethics ».

The Beautyfull Club is an international think tank”, explains Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, its President. The association was established by beauty industry experts to stimulate and encourage creativity, technology, innovation, and talents at all levels in the beauty and health sectors. It is intended to provide a range of services and resources to the industry.

The idea was born when experts from all areas of the beauty business identified a need for a place where brand executives could meet with ingredients and packaging suppliers, private label manufacturers, product manufacturers, distributors and retailers, to actively contribute to the future of this industry.

Charles-Emmanuel Gounod also describes the Beautyfull Club as an organization aiming at “gathering worldwide professionals who share specific values, such as passion for their business, mutual trust, desire for progress and solid professional ethics”. Of course, respect for intellectual property rights and restraint from counterfeiting, as well as the promotion and enforcement of sustainable development and social responsibility practices, are part of these ethics. “Each member, insists Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, will be guided in all activities by truth, fairness and integrity, mutual respect and loyalty to the industry”. As a consequence, all new members have to sign and act the Charter and Code of Ethics of the Club.

The Beautyfull Club is also a place where people share knowledge, explore trends, endeavour to improve quality and review environmental issues. It also has an education role in the cosmetic Industry. In practice, the Beautyfull Club will guide and organize a series of initiatives, such as technical and business commissions, conferences and meetings. “By joining the Club, explains Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, each member has access to an executive network in the beauty industry worldwide.

International business gatherings will be organized across the world during the year through round-table discussions among members on a relevant topic or concern. Commissions composed of international experts are already working on key topics, such as sustainable development, intellectual property rights quality, innovation and creativity. Meetings are scheduled regularly. Each member of the Club commits to sharing regulatory developments, and worldwide intellectual property issues with other members.

Membership includes free access to the Beautyfull Club’s website, which should be available very soon and will offer feedback from Commissions, facts and figures, international news and special features.

Jean-Yves Bourgeois


[1] The Beautyfull Club was founded by eighteen members, with Mrs Vera Strubi serving as Honorific Chairman, and Charles-Emmanuel Gounod (Rexam) as President, Philippe de Brugière (L’Occitane), Vice-Président, Thierry Lucereau (Iléos Group), Vice-President, François Camilli, (C.Group), Secretary General, Gérard Perrin (MeadWestvaco Calmar), Treasurer, Renato Ancorotti (Gamma Croma), Florence Robilliart-Lefeuvre (Intercos), Ludovic Anceau (Socoplan), Guy Mallinson (Iggesund Paper Board), Gérald Martine (RPC Beauté), Jean-Louis Mathiez (Cinqpats), Charles Pileur (Yves Saint Laurent Beauté), Vincent Cazelles (Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmétique), Dieter Bakic (Dieter Bakic), Thierry de Baschmakoff (Aesthete), Andreas Ritzenhoff (Seidel).

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