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Pibiplast: offensive strategy on make-up

The Italian firm operating with two production sites in two major beauty packaging markets - body care / skin care on the site of Correggio located between Reggio Emilia and Bologna, and make-up on the site of Robbiate near Milan - has decided to dedicate a significant part of its industrial and marketing investments in the make-up sector. Giorgio Bosi, Managing Director and Stefania Bosi, Head of Sales and Marketing, more specifically in charge of this sector, explain the strong points.

Premium Beauty News - Eventually, the takeover in 2002 of the Bomal company, which was specialized in the make-up segment and located in Robbiate, turned out to be a good idea?

Giorgio Bosi - Figures speak for themselves. At the time, the company was employing 21 people, it has more than doubled the figure since it has now a staff of 45. The plant in Robbiate can currently rely on 25 injection machines, 10 blow molding extrusion machines and 4 air-blown injection machines. Not to mention all the equipment used for finishings. The facility can produce a full range of packaging for make-up, that is to say, not only twenty million mascaras per year, but also lip-gloss, eye-liners, lipstick tubes.

And the turnover generated by this activity currently weighs 10 million Euros (it was half less when we acquired the company) compared with the 24 million made by the entire Pibiplast Group.

Stefania Bosi - I must add that we obviously have no intention to leave it at that. Clearly our aim is to double the turnover within the five years to come. We are currently giving ourselves the means to achieve this goal. Under my direct responsibility, we have strengthened our marketing and sales presence in this area and we are about to obtain some quite interesting commercial results around the world, particularly on the European market.

Premium Beauty News - Which doesn’t mean you have been neglecting the other division body care / skin care!

Giorgio Bosi - Of course not! The Correggio facility remains a model of its kind that we are constantly bringing up to date each year.

It currently incorporates 40 blow-moulding extrusion machines, 10 blow drawing injection machines and 25 injection machines. The 3,000 sqm workshop dedicated to finishing includes no less than 11 serigraphy printing machines including 5 with up to six colors, plus 2 five-color offset machines, 2 pad printing machines (up to 6 colors), equipment for infra-red varnishing and one machine to insert retractable sleeves.

Over the next three years, the Correggio facility will expand by 60% and the program for the next coming years plans to build 5,000 sqm more in addition to the already available 9,000 sqm.

Our advantage in this Body Care / Skin Care segment remains in the fact it’s backed-up by this production capacity, but that it can also relies on its versatility and its adaptability.

Premium Beauty News - These extra 5,000 sqm should allow you to merge your entire group on the same site?

Giorgio Bosi - Not exactly! We believe in the specialization of our sites, and Correggio must remain focused on the production of Body Care / Skin Care and Robbiate on make-up! We would rather concentrate our logistics operations for “products”, which are currently 15km. away, near the Reggio Emilia highway, for obvious efficiency reasons and to improve our industrial logistics.

Premium Beauty News - Italy remains Pibiplast’s largest market?

Giorgio Bosi - Yes, it’s true, the Italian market accounts for 45% of our business, but our country is closely followed by France and the rest of the EU.

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