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Jean-Claude Biguine: 30 years next year!

In 1982, this young man called Jean-Claude Biguine was probably far from imagining such an extraordinary career! Yet figures speak for themselves. Thirty years later, it is no less than 17500 customers who crowd each day the brand’s 289 hair salons including 120 of them located abroad, and 86 Beauty Salons. The whole of it with more than 1150 employees for a turnover totalling € 150 millions. Thirty “short” years later the “Jean-Claude Biguine” brand has never stopped, in addition, developing itself in all areas of beauty including make-up, under the Biguine makeup brand which currently represents an important share in the brand’s overall sales of products. Highlights on this saga with Brian Feinmann, Marketing and Communication Director of the Group.

Brian Feinman

Brian Feinman

Premium Beauty News - It’s always difficult for a self made man to escape from his always unusual history!

Brian Feinman - Yes indeed, there is no exception! But what an adventure!
There is a young man from Brittany, who opens his first hair salon at the age of 22. He starts by designing a very functional hair salon and offers his customers very affordable services. Quickly, he opens his second and third hair salon, and then ten...

Premium Beauty News - What defines and influences from the start the Jean-Claude Biguine “style”?

Brian Feinman - The general public trend, easy to wear creations, everyday hairstyles free of stereotypes. Brown, blond or red haired women with long or short, smooth or straight hair, can be found without any distinction in his creations who ride on all strong current trends.

Premium Beauty News - But there have been some key milestones in this singularity so specific to Jean-Claude Biguine?

Brian Feinman - Yes, everyone remembers of course in 1992 the famous without appointment “Shampooing/Brushing” service offer for only 50 francs (less than 8 euros) inscribed in huge letterings on each shop front that will truly democratize hairstyle.

Premium Beauty News - It true that at the time the trend was on franchised salons.

Brian Feinman - Jean Claude Biguine was clearly one of the forerunners in this field with his first franchised salon in Chambly in 1989. He already owned at the time five other salons under his own name. And in 1990, he launches Biguine Magazine. Two years later, it is no less than 70 Jean-Claude Biguine salons that open up in France.

Premium Beauty News - To this acceleration in France matches the first salon openings abroad.

Brian Feinman - Absolutely! The first one opens in Italy in 1994. Followed by Japan, Belgium and the United States in 1996. Two years later, Jean Claude Biguine has developed a network of 270 salons in the whole world. India is the latest country to date where we have set foot and where we already have 6 prestigious Beauty Salons where we can already claim a leading position.

Premium Beauty News - And with always one step ahead of competitors, it’s the launch of Biguine Make Up.

Brian Feinman - This takes place in 1998. The year where I actually integrate the company with, among others, the task to launch this range of make-up products. I say “among others” since in quick succession were launched ranges of traditional face body and hair care products, aromatherapy and 100% organic natural hair styling, colouring products, accessories, electronic beauty, sunglasses and ready to wear.

Incidentally, this line of colour cosmetics launched and distributed by the company Gade Eden hasn’t stopped growing with a development rate of its turnover of 5% for 2010/11.

This range offers a broad array of products comprising more than 350 references with some product innovations for each season. The quality of design, and of textures, the trendy colours, and a good quality/price ratio all contribute to make it a high performance range. It is sold in the Group’s Beauty Salons as well as in department stores like Monoprix (where we rank in fourth position), Le Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and such perfumeries chain stores as Douglas and Nocibé.

Premium Beauty News - In fact you have a multifunctional role?

Brian Feinman - Absolutely. My role consists among other things, to monitor the development from the conceptual phase to market launch with our industrial partners (testing, formula validations, design, packaging design, setting up of specifications, manufacturing and quality control) as well as promotion, public relations and partnerships.

Premium Beauty News - You have innovated with what you call “manucure et beauté brésiliennes” (Brazilian manicure and beauty).

Brian Feinman - These are two new pleasant and healthy services we offer, to treat and beautify hands and feet. The kit comes in an individual bag. Each customer gets his own nail file and branchwood stick, as well as two gloves or boots pre-filled with a 100% natural creamy formula with a neutral pH containing several actives. The customer just needs to put on the glove and make a hole at the tip of the fingertips with the stick to treat the nails. The skin is nourished, moisturised with a silky feel. The skin and nails also look whiter. The hands are delicately scented. This product, manufactured in Brazil under the Balbcare brand, has a leading position in Brazil.

Premium Beauty News - Another innovation in your salons, Glossy Color - the new express service, hair make-up and the opening of a new outlet for the manicure and the beauty treatment of hands and feet!

Brian Feinman - Glossy Color uses Dialight the new tone on tone coloration from L’Oréal Professionel. It’s an ammonia-free formula that respects the hair fibre. Like a hair “make up”, Dialight imparts the hair with a Glossy effect that captures the light. Intended for women between 30 and 40, this service is perfect for those who are reluctant to make a first hair colouration, especially those looking for a glossy, very natural result, with no root effect.

As for the opening of a new “Biguine Nails” outlet in Paris in the 7th arrondissement, it is actually a brand new and very promising concept.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois


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