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HCP celebrates 50th anniversary

A year 2010 not quite like the others for the 4000 employees of the HCP group. Indeed, the company specialized in the injection of plastic parts for beauty packaging just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary! Flashback on fifty years of growth briskly dealt with.

The adventure started in 1960 when the Chen family created the Hsing Chung Plastics Packaging Factory Co in Taiwan with the objective (already!) to set foot in the perfumery and cosmetics market.

Strong growth in the 2000s

The expansion of HCP really gained momentum as of the early 2000s. At the time, the plant built in 1990 in Suzhou in mainland China was already not big enough. The one in Shanghai was created from the ground up within weeks. In 2003 the Chen family crossed the Pacific to install its first sales office in the United States. A year later, it’s the creation of HCP France and the acquisition of the U.S. company BMG, specialised in the manufacture of mascara and lip gloss.

As of 2005, everything accelerates. The launch of sales offices in Great Britain barely completed, the Chen family in 2006 starts the construction of the first part of its third factory in mainland China. Works will be completely finished two years later. At the same time, the Group acquires land in Thailand with a view to build a new plant. And as of 2009, the strategy for the United States take clearly shape not only with the establishment of a sales office on the West Coast, but more importantly, with the laying of the foundation stone of what will become the HCP’s plant in Mexico.

In 2010, the group has come to a full circle! The HCP Reynosa plant in Mexico has rolled out its first plastic parts.

Innovation and responsiveness

But this commercial and industrial expansion, on the main global markets would not have been possible without the will and capability of women and men comprising the HCP group,” explains Jeff Chen, CEO. This is actually one of many talents of the current head of the group: knowing where and how to find the “right people” and putting them at the “right place”. As a result, people at HCP form a multicultural team with a thorough knowledge of its market and responsive to evolving trends and customer needs.

There is no secret,” confides Jeff Chen, “what matters is to always stay ahead of our competitors.” According to him, the two watchwords at in every compartments of success are: “Innovation and responsiveness” There’s not a month goes by without HCP unveiling a novel product. Last launches to date, the new lipstick tube designed for Clarins, Rouge Prodige, but also the compacts of the line Pure Color from’Estée Lauder and Kanebo’s skincare range, Aqua Sprina.

But HCP is also active in flexible tubes thanks to its partner company Wanhui Wanchen. There too, innovation is an integral part of the philosophy of the firm. A proof of that is the three new technologies introduced recently allowing to obtain an almost complete impression of a whole tube but also tubes with a never reached before transparency.

What about future?

Obviously it’s hard to have a clear vision of what will have become of HCP in 50 years time,” admits Jeff Chen, "especially as many external factors may greatly influence our expansion. What I can tell you, however, is that next year will full of novelties.

Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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