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Brazil-based Mappel increased its full service capacity for the perfume sector

Based in Sao Paulo and specialized in the manufacture and filling of perfume and cosmetic products not only in the form of samples, but also and increasingly, in different selling format size like plastic bottles, tubes etc., the Mappel company who has joined this year the Ileos group, via its subsidiary Bioplan, has decided to significantly increase its capacity in terms of formulation, processing and filling of perfume products. With a turnover this year approaching 70 million Real (EUR 29.1 million) for a total of 250 people, Mappel has become in a few years one of the unavoidable industry players in the full-service offer of retail products for the cosmetic sector in Brazil. Explanations are given to us by Marion Appel, its CEO.

Marion Appel

Marion Appel

Premium Beauty News - When visiting your Diadema plant in Sao Paulo, one can only be surprised by the high industrial level of the facilities.

Marion Appel - This is one of the keys to our success. Invest..., invest always more to be at the highest level in terms of quality and to provide an industrial response on this perfume and cosmetic sector. This represents an average of over 10% of our turnover every year. And our current investment plan to increase our capacity and meet demand in the perfume sector is a proof of this. The market has needs, we answer them... And we do it by giving ourselves the means.

Premium Beauty News - In deciding, four years ago, to open a brand new plant in Diadema, in addition to the other plant that you own in Sao Bernardo do Campo, you have clearly chosen the option of “total full service”!

Marion Appel - Absolutely! The plant in Sao Bernardo do Campo is mainly dedicated to the filling of samples and of different packagings in a dose format. We had to meet demand in terms of full service, in other words, integrate the manufacture and conditioning of formulas, all this with a very practical “pharmaceutical” purpose, even (and I am tempted to say “mostly”) when it concerns products for the cosmetic industry.

Hence our investment in this plant in Diadema four years ago for nearly 5 million Reals, a factory we wanted to be at the cutting edge in terms of industrial installations. As you remember, at Diadema, we produce and condition skincare, bodycare and haircare products, not to mention baby lotions, sunscreens, etc. And the whole of it, I repeat, in an industrial background that I wanted ultra-modern, with cleanrooms complying with pharmaceutical standards, manufacturing and blending equipments but also filling and packaging machines that are what technology has best to offer.

With our two plants, the one in Sao Bernardo do Campo and the one in Diadema, we have no less than 25 filling machines.

Premium Beauty News - A key step currently underway, an increase in the production capacity for the perfume industry that will make of you one of the biggest players in Brazil in terms of full service for the beauty industry.

Marion Appel - We can say that we are today one of the forerunners in this area. And just for the segment concerning the production of sample sachets, we can say without hesitation that we currently have more than half of the market shares in Brazil.

Our growth in this niche of full service, particularly thanks to this production unit in Diadema proves, if need be, that it was imperative to diversify and meet growing demand.

This is obviously what brought uscloser to the strategy developed by the managers of the Ileos group when we decided to discuss the integration of our activities, last year, with their subsidiary Bioplan. And, as you know, to reach an agreement recently. The synergies between both groups are obvious and our mutual expertise can only enrich the quality of our offer to our clients in Brazil but also with the clients we share at an international level and who are seeking to strengthen their operations in Brazil.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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