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2010, a pivotal year 10/15/2010

2010 may indeed be referred to as a pivotal year for Heinz Glas because it sums up by itself the technical and industrial level reached by the glassmaker. Launches to which Heinz Glas has been (...)


To be globally operational 10/14/2010

Heinz group’s managers are convinced that the company’s success necessarily implies the ability to supply and guarantee its technical and technological competence in all major fields of operations (...)

Carl-August Heinz

Carl-August Heinz: “More than Glass!” 09/21/2010

487 years old already as a glass-makers family! “And next year we will celebrate our 350th birthday in Kleintettau/Upper Franconia where our headquarters are”, explains Carl-August Heinz, owner and (...)

Rudolf Wurm, Commercial Director, Heinz Glass

The French challenge 09/20/2010

Ten years! It did not took more than ten years for Heinz Glas to enter the very exclusive club of high end glassmakers serving the prestige perfume market. “We can say with no hesitation that we (...)

about Heinz Glas
Heinz Glas


Foundation date: 1622

Total turnover: 250 million euros

Employees: 3,000 (of which 700 in China)

Turnover, Glass Department: 190 million euros

Turnover, Plastic Department: about 60 million euros

Manufacturing units / glass: 5

Manufacturing units / plastic: 5

Subsidiaries in the world: New-York (U.S.A.), Paris (France), London (U.K.), Parma (Italy), Lima (Peru), Moscow (Russia), Hangzhou (PRC), Dzialdowo (Poland)


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