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Formes de Luxe 2009 Prizes: Cosfibel wins twice! 10/22/2009

During the 11th edition of the Formes de Luxe Prize awarded by a jury of industry professionals last night in Monaco, Cosfibel took home two prizes. The winner in the “Cosmetics and Skincare (...)

“Limited Edition” 2010 Collection 10/22/2009

Focused on bags and accessories, this Mandalay Design collection aims to respond quickly to brand and retailer demands for promotional animations. The collection is focused on three key events: (...)

Ilan Schinazi, Alain Chevassus, Stanislas Péronnet - Cosfibel

Proximity … because we’re «customer-oriented»! 10/21/2009

“ We are ‘customer oriented’ because we are geographically positioned to be close to our clients. This is thanks to the development of the Urban Network® in autonomous regions, which are able to make (...)

Make-up in pictures... by Primapack 10/21/2009

From the outside, the latest case by Primapack looks like any other... But once opened, it holds a wealth of surprises. Indeed, it is a magnet case, equipped with a hinged pivot that allows the (...)

A very couture box for Jean-Paul Gaultier! 10/20/2009

Mandalay Design developed a coffret for Jean-Paul Gaultier which includes an EdT or EdP plus a bodycare tube. The round box features a cardboard base with a top covered in embroidered organza. (...)

Carol Joy: The luxury of beauty 10/20/2009

Crafted packaging, precious formulas, exclusive points-of-sale… beauty range Carol Joy, developed by Cosfibel concentrates all facets on high luxury. The result is sublime: a unique beauty (...)

Stanislas Péronnet

Sustainable development: Cosfibel commits 10/20/2009

Cosfibel Group has long understood the industrial challenge posed by environmental respect and the huge opportunities it can bring. To ratify and accelerate this process, in 2007 the group named (...)

Fragrance in a state 10/19/2009

Fragrance is now joining make-up and skincare in Primapack’s standard offer. In October, Cosfibel’s primary packaging subsidiary is launching “Dark Muse”, a complete and tempting fragrance packaging (...)

about Cosfibel

Key facts and figures

Founded: 2000

2008 turnover: €67 million

Employees in 2009: 220

Subsidiaries with complementary expertise:


  • Through its two subsidiaries, ROSKOPLAST in France and GRUMBE in Spain, COSFIBEL is the European leader in transparent packaging, known for the quality of its luxury cases at ROSKOPLAST and its large series automation at GRUMBE
  • TEPOR (Fance) is specialized in luxury forming, ranging from wedging to decoration elements


  • PRIMAPACK (France) is in charge of developing primary packaging: lipstick, mascara, make-up cases, fragrance caps and stoppers for spirits.
  • MANDALAY DESIGN (France) is dedicated to the conception and development of set up boxes and folding boxes, bags, textiles and gifts with a focus on remarkable jewelry.
  • COSWORLD ASIA (CWA) is in charge of ethical sourcing, commercial negotiations, quality and follow-up of suppliers in Asia.
  • SHOPLUXE is the entity in charge of developing merchandising solutions for selective retail including: gourmet shops, chocolate boutiques, shoemakers and florists. Shopluxe offers customized packaging development and high-quality personalized items.

The group is CUSTOMER-ORIENTED, and is geographically positioned near its clients thanks to the development of the Urban Network®: Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, London, Düsseldorf, Sao Paulo, New York, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Marseille, Moscow and Geneva.