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Pennelli Faro: How an innovation is born

Created in 1971, Pennelli Faro is one of the leading designer and manufacturer of fine arts and cosmetic brushes. For almost fifty years, the Italy-based company has been investing on research and innovation and has become a reference company in the field of private label brushes for major fine arts brands as well as for makeup, skincare and haircare brands. Sara Zanafredi, CEO explains this success story.

Sara Zanafredi, CEO, Pennelli Faro

Sara Zanafredi, CEO, Pennelli Faro

What leads to the development of an innovation?

Sara Zanafredi - Pennelli Faro has been on the market for almost fifty years. We are among the world’s leading manufacturers of private label brushes and applicators. We started in the field of Fine Arts, where the combination of shape-hair-colour-technique in the brushes has always been very sophisticated and where the variables affecting the result are numerous, at least as many as in the field of cosmetic brushes. That allowed us to develop a sensitivity and technical precision making the difference. The daily direct contact with the production department, located close to the technical offices, allows us to control the production process at every step but, most important, to give wide space for creativity and innovation.

We go from the original idea to real-time prototype with all the advantages of testing, modifying and finding the best and most performing solutions. The R&D and Marketing departments, constantly updated on application and technical specifications of cosmetic products, aim at combining technical performance and ease of use to meet the needs of the most advanced formulations.

What are the strengths of Pennelli Faro in developing an innovating project?

Sara Zanafredi - Shape, materials and the Made in Italy. Each project is designed considering the ease of use and functionality for the end user, not forgetting the aesthetic component: made in Italy is also recognized for this, for style, for detailing. That makes a difference.

First of all, the shape. A cosmetic brush developed by Pennelli Faro is an ergonomic and functional tool becoming almost an extension of the hand, an invisible guide to rely on, because we are aware that people using it, whether expert or not, expect to see in the mirror, a perfect result. That’s why functional design is so important and starts from the study of ergonomics of face, hand and gesture.

The shapes have the purpose of making the brush an element in synergy with the formula of the makeup or skincare product it is used with, and allow the user to have an intuitive and immediate application experience.

However, the shape and design of the brush are closely connected to the selection of materials. The company’s investments are focused on the research and development of new dermatologically tested avant-garde fibres, perfectly meeting the needs of new consumer trends, with unique textures and finishes. The study of details and the possibilities of personalization, in terms of selection of materials and finishes, are so large that it is possible to make every brush a unique tool created specifically for each cosmetic brand.

Last but not least, the production made in Italy. The manufacturing of Pennelli Faro brushes takes place at our headquarters. Proximity makes the passage of information very fast. This allows us to create the right project at the right time and not as standard product. Each brush is personalised and modifiable in the development and production phases, together with the client, in dedicated sessions. The team constantly innovates the production system and operates on controlled procedures that guarantee the best technical performance.

The continuous interaction between R&D, Commercial, Marketing teams and our production department facilitate an exchange of information and feedbacks that the customer provides on every detail of the project, even those that are hardly describable on a technical document.

Is it also a way to increase the confidence with the supplier?

Sara Zanafredi - Of course it is! Pennelli Faro works with the most important national and multinational brands and remains under the company’s policy behind the scenes of each project. Innovation is almost completely reserved and often patent-protected, and is shared with clients in a dedicated and direct way.

What were the latest innovation projects that Pennelli Faro worked on?

Sara Zanafredi - An excellent example of the very tight relationship between R&D and Production is one of the latest born lines, origami®, launched at Cosmoprof Bologna 2017.

In the development of a brush like the origami® Prisma and Infinito ranges, the design, shape and line of the brush are functional to the ergonomic application of the cosmetic product because they are pre-shaped to perfectly follow the facial features. Thanks to multi-faceted shape, even the less experienced consumer can apply makeup professionally. To date we have focused on applying products to create the makeup base, but the origami® project is still evolving.

Another example is Dermocura®, the most innovative synthetic fibre patented by Pennelli Faro. It is a unique fibre, dermatologically tested, constantly evolving and with endless potentialities and combinations. The study and control of the technical features of Dermocura® synthetic fibre allowed us to develop and make available to our clients the perfect imitations of natural hair. Similar in terms of aesthetic appearance and ability to respond well to the products they have to apply, but with significantly better characteristics, performance and durability.

Also, I think of Soft & Full® synthetic fibre made with extremely silky and dense tips that guarantees 30% more density than a normal synthetic filament with the same volume. It is the most performing fibre to get extremely natural degradation effects and is very pleasant on the skin.

Would you make some anticipations about the innovative projects you are working on?

Sara Zanafredi - (She smiles.) No, it is all top secret…


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