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Packitoo: towards the automation of packaging brand-supplier relationships?

Launched last June, Packitoo is the first online platform intended for putting packaging brands and manufacturers in touch to develop tailor-made packaging projects. In just a few clicks, customers and service providers connect thanks to the automation of the development and sourcing process.

Thomas Othax

Thomas Othax

The young start-up is headed by Thomas Othax and Corinne Loustalet-Parra. Thanks to their 20-year experience in the field of packaging, they intend to solve the difficulties encountered by both medium-sized businesses (often devoid of any purchase department) and major groups in search of promotional packaging when they need to quickly gather different service providers – cardboard makers, plastic specialists, all trades involved in tailor-made packaging projects.

To gain time

By putting them in contact with each other, Packitoo promises them to gain time, optimize costs, and simplify processes. These parameters are much sought-after, as the number of promotional campaigns keeps increasing.

The sourcing method is based on making a project digitally match with manufacturers that are part of the Packitoo community. The brand submits the tender through a detailed form, so service providers can provide an answer within five days with a quote in accordance with the specifications established. A synthesis is created, enriched with the information the platform has on the manufacturers (profiles, feedback, etc.), and then the player answering process is automated via notifications or e-mails.

Corinne Loustalet-Parra

Corinne Loustalet-Parra

At this stage, Packitoo pays itself with manufacturers’ monthly subscriptions, ranging from EUR 100 to EUR 250 per month, depending on the formula selected, as well as with a retrocession of a commission percentage of the order. In compensation, the tool helps optimize their commercial strategy at lower costs and creates new opportunities in new business areas.

200 projects

The application already counts over 300 customers, including packaging brands and suppliers. Over eight months, it generated some 200 projects and consolidated almost EUR 500,000 market offers. The professional community gathers 250 French and global packaging providers, and the project-providing SMEs that have tested the tool optimized their earnings by 25% on the purchase item.

Based in south-western France, the start-up already counts nine employees and should soon open offices in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, and London, and then in Asia and the United States.

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