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“Online or offline, every channel has its own place”, William Koeberlé, President of FFPS

According to the second study of FFPS (French Federation of Selective Perfumery) conducted by IFOP on the customer journey [1], far from being opposites, the digital channel and in-store shopping are confirmed as complementary channels for the benefit of consumers, including the Millennials generation.

William Koeberlé, President of the French Federation of Selective Perfumery

William Koeberlé, President of the French Federation of Selective Perfumery

The store experience much appreciated

For 92% of the people surveyed, stores remain their favourite shopping place for makeup, perfume, body and skincare alike.

Among them, 43% of respondents praise the advice, services, and animations they are offered at points of sale, compared to 34% in 2016, when the previous study was conducted. In the same proportions, 44% enjoy the sensorial experience provided: you can see, smell, touch, and test products.

Compared to the 2016 study, this need to see the products is increasing. It was pointed out by 62% of customers two years ago, compared to 71% today. That is almost 10 points more,” comments William Koeberlé, President of FFPS. “Interestingly, it is for the people under 35 that the figure rises the most. They clearly express a renewal of this need,” he adds. This growing appetite for contact and non-virtual interactions is actually shared by all generations - even the most connected. Thus, 68% of the under 35 say they prefer to visit stores to see the products and actually make a purchase, compared to 61% for the people over 35. Besides, 49% of them appreciate the fact that they can test products and get some tips.

The Internet for convenience and prices

At the same time, the practical advantages of online shopping make it competitive. “Sales are gradually rising online. They represent 8% of total sales, compared to 6% two years ago,” highlights William Koeberlé. Among web enthusiasts, 47% of the people surveyed, i.e. 8% more than in 2016, praise the convenience of this medium, which makes it possible to do your shopping anytime. In addition, 60% of respondents use the Internet channel for the interesting prices it offers. For 49% of them, it also helps compare prices, in particular when they need to buy products they already have.

People get informed about prices on the web. So, if a network has no website, they will not be able to make customers come visit their stores,” analyzes William Koeberlé.

Lastly, the Click & Collect system, which combines online shopping and in-store collection, seduces 31% of the people surveyed. “It is an important point that is clearly related to the boom of mobile phones,” explains the President of the Federation.

In 2016, we could have thought these channels competed against each other. Today, this study shows that every channel has its own place, and, more importantly, that they complete each other. Customers search for information online, but they favour the store experience, because they think their needs will be better understood at points of sale,” he concludes.

Kristel Milet


[1] Study conducted from March 21 to 23, 2018 on a representative sample of 1,000 individuals in France aged 18 and over.

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