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Packaging & design

NastriTex banks on the packaging

NastriTex, a producer of technological materials for cosmetics machinery, has recently decided to share its experience in textiles with the cosmetics market to provide innovative packaging solutions. Thanks to support from the NastriTex Lab, which has been carrying out more and more research into new materials and solutions, NastriTex has recently presented its own version of the “Creative Cushion” at MakeUp in Asia. This event was its first step towards increased collaboration with primary packaging producers to create new solutions with them that will include textile materials. NastriTex will be present at MakeUp in Paris, aiming to show the European market how it can be an innovative partner in the cosmetic packaging industry, and then, Technology in solutions!

Premium Beauty News - Can you give us some details about this new project?

Federico Mocchetti - “Technology in solutions” is based on 40 years’ experience in studying and manufacturing textiles and other materials for the manufacturing of cosmetics. We have a profound knowledge of our clients’ needs. They are companies that use constant innovation as an integral part of their processes, making them world leaders in their sectors. We know how to share this sense of perfection in the making of a cosmetic, considering the look and design of every piece and how cosmetics consumers evaluate, perceive and behave towards cosmetics. We know how important time to market reduction is for every innovation, just as it is important to strategically protect research information, whether it be for a contract manufacturer or for a brand company. What’s more, our NastriTex Lab has benefited from large investments, for both technological resources and for the training of personnel, and will continue to do so in the future.

Premium Beauty News - What support does the NastriTex Lab provide?

Federico Mocchetti - The NastriTex Lab is our technical connection with the cosmetics world, carrying out tests for the pressing dry powders, the formation of wet products, stability tests, and so on. NastriTex Lab, though, is also the heart of research and development for new materials; investigating mass per unit, thickness, air, liquid and powder permeability, absorption capacity, and distension of materials, just to name a few of the parameters that can be evaluated, modified and innovated for any material.

NastriTex Lab aims to become an integral part of its clients’ innovation processes.

What does this mean in practice and how can it be achieved? Becoming an integral part of a client’s innovation means capturing the mood that inspires the creative process. But how? In order to take on such a role, technical expertise must be used in the service of innovation. Trials and tests are therefore not simply a way to measure the practical feasibility of innovation, but also a way to contribute to its creation.

Premium Beauty News - What are your industrial projects for this year? And could you give us some of the more important figures concerning your company?

Federico Mocchetti - The main key figures that we like to share are those that interest our clients, who number more than 150 and span 25 countries throughout the world:

  • 7 logistical bases on four continents;
  • 2 ongoing collaborations with internationally recognized research centers;
  • 3% of revenue invested in research;
  • 0.1% of client-reported non-compliance;
  • 12 days average time for the completion of orders;

The goal that we have set for ourselves for this year is to develop new projects with packaging manufacturers. What will we tell our clients in Paris? Let’s make up something new … together.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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