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MakeUp in Paris to offer a series of exclusive workshops

Eleven specialist workshops will be organized during the two days of MakeUp in Paris on 22-23 June 2017. Check the best for yourself and register early by contacting the person in charge of the workshop your interested in.

Thursday, June 22

10 a.m. - 10.45 a.m.: How to create better customer experiences with less environmental impact?

Complying as most as possible with environmental constraints is a daily challenge for brands. Content and container are inseparable. Everyone is accountable for his choice of ingredients, formulas, packaging and secondary packagings. This workshop organized by one of the leading European cardboard producers, the Finnish Group Metsä Board, will be aimed at showing participants all the advantages of a material whose production is fully driven by this notion of sustainable development. This workshop will be hosted by Christophe Baudry, Commercial Director, Beautycare & Healthcare, Metsä Board and Anne Uusitalo: Sustainability Manager, Metsä Board.

Contact to register at the conference: Sophie Fily (

11 am to 11.45 a.m.: Ahead of time with Pantone-BASF Color Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2019

BASF has partnered with the world’s leading colour authority, Pantone, to bring you the most innovative trends for your colour cosmetics formulations. The BASF Spring/Summer 2019 trend forecasts, “Haven and Masterpiece”, will provide colour palettes, textures, concepts, and formulations for your inspiration.

Contact to register at the conference: Kristina Brüggemann (

12. p.m. - 12.45 p.m.: Cardboard, why, and what for?

It is one of the biggest trends in recent months. Make-up products increasingly benefit from the technical, visual and marketing performance of cardboard-based over packagings to attract consumers. Some countries such as Korea and Japan are leading the way in this area. With the participation of the Nordic paper Group Stora Enso, four converters specialized in the manufacture of boxes and set boxes will give you the keys that will enable you to stand out from the competition.

  • A universal and unique material: tomorrow’s products from renewable resources. By Hervé Vue, Stora Enso 
  • The over packaging you were looking for!  A round table moderated by Jean-Yves Bourgeois and / or Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, with the participation of: Luca Meana (Cartografica Pusterla), Pierre Hauw (MMP Premium), Gilles Regnard (Autajon Packaging), Jean-Marc Bodineau (Nortier).

There is a twofold trend in favour of the use of cardboard-based over packagings in the make-up segment: a real added value for the presentation and protection of products and the development of sales on the internet. What innovations, what developments does it generate? How to address to this new trend? What can be done and not done?

Contact to register at the conference: Hervé Vue (

01 p.m. - 01.45 p.m.: Freedom, Flexibility and Control - create a dynamic finished product that customers will adore.

Learn how to create a dynamic finished product that customers will adore. Create liquid eyeliners, foundations, vivid liquid lip products, all with a product that allows for flow through of your formulation with unique 3D contoured shapes to create a competitive advantage. Porex has developed breakthrough technologies to give product designers new options in Freedom, Flexibility and Control.

Contact to register at the conference: Ann-Kathrin Broich (

02 p.m. - 02.45 p.m.: The “key” beauty trends for Winter 2018-2019

In a globalised world where there is an overload of information, sometimes deceptive, unverifiable or opaque, how to distinguish between truth and falsehood? The consumer, obsessed with authenticity and transparency, now favours a more frank and straightforward relationship with brands and their products...

PeclersParis will be delighted to invite you to discover its key beauty trends, creative concepts, textures and ingredients for the winter 2018-2019. Trends coming from its Beauty notebook, gathering a unique combination of macro trends, lifestyles and product concepts.

A conference presented by Lucille Gauthier, Senior Beauty Stylist at PeclersParis.

Contact to register at the conference: Cecilia Alvarez-Ossorio Vega (

03 p.m. - 03.45 p.m.: Glass in the spotlight!

The Verescence Company will organize a workshop “Glass Special Innovation” intended for the cosmetic sector and, more particularly, make-up. You will learn everything about this unique material, discovered nearly 5,000 years ago and which is constantly being improved and adapted to the requirements for protection and presentation of beauty products.

A workshop where five major innovations developed over the last few months will be put in the spotlights: the NEO Infinite Glass, the Unbreakable Glass, the Mineral Glass, the Sculpt’in process and the new bottle for mascara and gloss with a wiper fitted in the glass mass of the bottle neck.

A workshop hosted by Astrid Dulau-Vuillet, Marketing and Communication Director at Verescence.

Contact to register at the conference: Céline Lemarre (

Friday, June 23

10 a.m. - 10.45 a.m.: Discover the new make-up ingredients!

Safic-Alcan, a leading distributor of raw materials currently represents more than 100 manufacturers worldwide.  As part of this workshop, Safic Alcan will present a preview of some novelties created by four of them: Aprinnova, Imerys, Momentive, Sudarshan, and its latest formula concept.

Contact to register at the conference: Amélie Bélanger (

11 am - 11.45 a.m.: Every possible shape of carton! 

1. What techniques for what results? You will get an update on the key technologies enabling to make your product stand out while protecting it.

Specific questions calling for detailed answers given by: Luca Meana (Cartografica Pusterla); Pierre Hauw (MMP Premium); Gilles Regnard (Autajon Packaging) and Jean-Marc Bodineau (Nortier).

2) Examples from Asia and elsewhere! By Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration.

Contact to register at the conference: Hervé Vue (

02 p.m. -02.45 p.m.: What if colour was dramatized by a stunning nail polish?

In’Pressive Nails is the result of a unique “ecosystem” between the audacious creation of the Centdegrés Agency, the magic of the Pochet Group crafts (glass, plastic, metal) and the captivating colours of Fiabila.

This workshop will be an opportunity to share with you the idea of going beyond colour with original patterns, evocative of various high-end worlds, and dramatized by the inner shape of the bottle.

Taking a further step in this creative adventure, we will provide you with the first feedback coming from consumers and we will invite you to explore and interact on perspectives for differentiation in the universe of beauty of nails.

With the participation of:
Astrid Rutkowski - Director of Innovation, Pochet Group,
Elie Papiernik - Founder and Artistic Director, e Centdegrès,
Pierre Miasnik - CEO of Fiabila.

Contact to register at the conference: Christine Guidez (

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