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Maverick Laboratories

Inventing the future of cosmetics

Maverick Laboratories has been operating for more than 25 years successfully, it leads the field nationally in the design and manufacture of beauty products for large scale consumption. Certain lines of products boast a 40% market share and are the chosen by more than 5.1 million Spanish homes.

During 2016 the sector has been galvanized and our company has had to make changes to meet the changing demands of the consumer and society at large. This complex context has resulted in 1.5 million investment in the last two years in research, development and innovation which has grown, become more specialized, and is the factor which most contributes to our competitiveness.

A milestone in the laboratory’s history today has been to attain a leading position in the development of new ideas in their product range which are created in line with consumer tendencies now and with a view to the future.

Space for innovation

The commitment to applying scientific knowledge in order to increase market value, is behind the creation of a team integrating highly qualified personnel from cutting edge sectors of the cosmetic and perfume industry. Today the research, development and innovation department is made up of more than 40 professionals that apply their knowledge in 5 specialized divisions, 3 of which are newly created areas of expertise:

  • Sensory Analysis and Product Knowledge. The evaluation of functional parameters and techniques used in the products by way of the introduction of a panel of experts, sensory testing, home use testing (HUT) and external testing with the goal of achieving a profound knowledge and control of all the variables in the perceptions and experience of consumer use prior to commercialization.
  • Technical Insights. Focuses on market research surveys and keeps up to date with new consumer trends and new technology in the international sector of cosmetics. The results of these analyses are manifested in innovative concepts and product improvement and are made accessible in ways which are attractive to the consumer.
  • Aerosol Transversal Team. The team comprises experts in packaging, presentation and materials used exclusively in developing aerosols. The model of having a nuclear of expertise devoted to the standardization of procedures enables work operations to be more flexible within the production process, improves end results, and has been extended to other specialized areas.

Safety guarantees

Technical and scientific innovation evolves in synergy with the advances in new cosmetic surveillance led by Safety and Regulatory bodies, an area that gives the company a competitive advantage which is decisive against the competition and positions Maverick Laboratories products at the forefront in ingredient policies. Our company goes a step further in commercial lines with the development of products which are sustainable and healthy for the consumer, maximum quality at the lowest price with safety assured and guaranteed.

Continuous improvement in this sector implies rigorously following scientific and legal debates. This allows us to predict future changes in legislation and the need to substitute or eliminate ingredients used. This ability to anticipate allows us to apply our knowledge to future developments and improvements before new regulations come into force, with the aim of minimizing to the greatest degree adverse effects on the consumer.

Due to our efforts, in 2016 we had considerable success with projects to eliminate short chain parabens from Methyliasothiazolinone (MIT) in our leave on products and allergens like lyral, and aratranol and cloratranol.

Aiming for excellence

During 2016 the research, development and innovation department carried out 106 projects successfully of which the following are the most important:

  • 45 innovative projects, improving the specified quality and improving products, adding new lines of products as agreed with our client, the supermarket chain, Mercadona.
  • 14 projects on eradicating MIT from our leave on products
  • 38 projects of safety improvements including the eradication of formaldehyde donors and perfume modification.
  • 3 fast track projects to strengthen our lines commercially.
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about Maverick Laboratories
Maverick Laboratories

Maverick Laboratories set out in 1991 with a mission to design and manufacture hygiene and personal care products of maximum quality at the lowest prices. Today we are part of the Ubesol Group an integrated supplier for Mercadona. Our overall production capacity surpasses 270 million units of products a year and has a production team of more than 700 professionals.

The company has made the research, development and innovation department its powerhouse generating innovations and providing an important competitive edge. Today it is made up of more than 40 experts that focus on the maximum satisfaction for the end user.


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