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Rémy Oughdiri

Rémy Oughdiri is the Director of the Trends & Insights Department at Ipsos. He supervises numerous prospective studies in the form of observatories for monitoring lifestyles and consumption on very diverse subjects: new technologies, Generation Y, evolution in mobility, sustainable development, the role of beauty in society, people’s relationship to aging, food trends… He is also greatly involved in the studies carried out in the luxury sector and supervises an extensive study on luxury customers and their expectations conducted in 14 countries. He is the author of several articles and books (Déconnectez-vous, Paris, Arléa, 2013. Petit éloge de la fuite hors du monde, Paris, Arléa, 2014).

Website: www.ipsos.fr


MakeUp in Los Angeles unveils conference programme

The third edition of MakeUp in LosAngeles will open its doors on February 7 and 8 2018 in a new venue, the Barker Hangar, concomitant to the first edition of Luxe Pack Los Angeles. The event’s conference programme will feature thirty speakers hosting fifteen conferences and half a dozen round tables focused on the new beauty (...)

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Globalization and premium packaging: between off-shoring and relocation

Hervé de Rivoire
Globalization and premium packaging: between off-shoring and relocation

For the past several years, premium packaging companies have been alternating between off-shoring and relocation. Could it be an opportunity to seize for the French and European know-how? These last 25 years, the manufacture of premium packaging was not spared by the off-shoring wave experienced by the French industrial sector. As we (...)

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