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Rémy Oughdiri

Rémy Oughdiri is the Director of the Trends & Insights Department at Ipsos. He supervises numerous prospective studies in the form of observatories for monitoring lifestyles and consumption on very diverse subjects: new technologies, Generation Y, evolution in mobility, sustainable development, the role of beauty in society, people’s relationship to aging, food trends… He is also greatly involved in the studies carried out in the luxury sector and supervises an extensive study on luxury customers and their expectations conducted in 14 countries. He is the author of several articles and books (Déconnectez-vous, Paris, Arléa, 2013. Petit éloge de la fuite hors du monde, Paris, Arléa, 2014).

Website: www.ipsos.fr

The award for the best packaging solution was given to Qualipac - part of the Pochet Group

Qualipac and Verescence winners of the Luxe Pack in Green Awards Monaco 2018

On the occasion of the 31st edition of Luxe Pack Monaco, the Luxe Pack in Green awards jury deliberated to designate the 2018 winners. Every year the most environmentally friendly packaging solutions and corporate social responsibility initiatives receive recognition. Qualipac wins the award in the Packaging Solutions category The (...)

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Replexium™ - Rapid improvement in visible signs of skin aging

Torsten Clarius
Replexium™ - Rapid improvement in visible signs of skin aging

With life expectancy increasing, the global market for skincare products that contribute to a youthful, vibrant appearance is growing dynamically. It comes as no surprise that fast-acting anti-aging actives are in great demand, yet breakthroughs have remained few and far between. Now BASF has achieved a new milestone with Replexium™, (...)

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